Paman Tak Water Heater

Paman Tak have a new job at Alabama. He leave us here with grandma. He said someday, we will stay at our new and better house there. Since he leaved us, a lot of problem occur. And we can’t call all the expert or professional tankless water heater help because we can’t afford it.

One experience that I will never forget is when the water heater blow. Yes, they are like fireworks. Lucky for us, that accident doesn’t make any fire. Because we don’t have much money anymore, we leave it in broken condition then winter comes. We can’t live in winter without that device, I have an idea to search how to fix it on the net. I found site about tankless water heater reviews and the site help me figured out what I need to inspect and try to fix it myself including tools and parts that I should buy.

Yes that was my first project that succeed. I really like it because save a lot of money when paman tak working hard and give the best tankless water heater on there.